Hide Your Custom's Import Records and Outsmart Your Competitors

File a confidentiality request with the customs and border protection to secure your customs import records by hiding it from the public so competitors can’t take advantage.

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All Your Import record is Public, and Competitors are Taking Advantage.

Does it always feel like your competitors are one step ahead of you? It’ll surprise you that all your ocean import data is publicly available. Your competitors can easily find out your suppliers, the materials you use, and even how much you paid for them, that helps them creep up on you.

Stay on Top of The Competition by Filing a Confidentiality Request

The Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is bound to release import and export data to the general public. However, we can request to keep this info private by filing a manifest confidentiality request for you - that'll hide your sensitive import details from others, legally.

How it works:

Send Us Your Details

You fill out an application with all the required business information, and a list of name variations you wish to hide.

File a Professional Request

We’ll file a confidentiality request to the customs and border protection to legally hide your data.


The customs and border protection will confirm the application via email - successfully hiding your data from competitors.

How Do Competitors Find Your Data?

Learn how people find your important import data so you’re better equipped to tackle them.

Your Business is at Constant Risk.

Your competition is spending thousands of dollars every year; paying companies that mine valuable import data from businesses like you and sell it to people for their competitive research so they can pounce on the market.

Import Data in the hands of Competitors Is Every Seller’s Nightmare.

Any business that imports shipments without confidentiality is vulnerable to their competition which makes it crucial to hide your imports from others. This valuable information can be hidden by making a request to the CBP.

Let Us Easily Hide Your Import Information.

We make filing a confidentiality request easy by creating a professional application and sending it to the Customs and Border Protection. By coordinating with us, you can guarantee to get a green signal from CBP and even the FOIA won’t be able to release your info without your permission.

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